Thoughts on medicine and physiology

I love science and health. Of late I have been brushing up on my understanding of the human body. Having studied pharmacology at university, I really understood why we are counselled to avoid the use of drugs. Medical drugs, rightly called, are just as damaging, if not more, than illegal drugs.

Chemotherapy is such an example, as we know its terrible effects, yet only has a 5-year cure rate of 2.1%, meaning only 2.1-2.3% of adults are alive after taking it (1). However, a commonly-used drug, paracetamol (tylenol USA, panadol Kenya), has an even worse therapeutic index than chemotherapy. Most chemotherapy will not even be considered if it has a therapeutic index of less than 1000 (as low as it gets – the higher the better), but paracetamol’s is around 100. This means that toxic doses are much easier to reach with paracetamol. Infact, when Paracetamol was first used, it was found to be too toxic to be used, but when later discovered that it was being created in the body from another drug regularly administered, acetanilide, it was marketed. If it was a drug created today, it would certainly not pass through clinical evaluation and receive a marketing license.

Chemo side effects
Common side effects of Chemotherapy

This is the counsel we are given:

A practice that is laying the foundation of a vast amount of disease and of even more serious evils is the free use of poisonous drugs. When attacked by disease, many will not take the trouble to search out the cause of their illness. Their chief anxiety is to rid themselves of pain and inconvenience. {CCh 105.2}
By the use of poisonous drugs, many bring upon themselves lifelong illness, and many lives are lost that might be saved by the use of natural methods of healing. The poisons contained in many so-called remedies create habits and appetites that mean ruin to both soul and body. Many of the popular nostrums called patent medicines, and even some of the drugs dispensed by physicians, act a part in laying the foundation of the liquor habit, the opium habit, the morphine habit, that are so terrible a curse to society. 152 {CCh 105.3}
Drug medication, as it is generally practiced, is a curse. Educate away from drugs. Use them less and less, and depend more upon hygienic agencies; then nature will respond to God’s physicians—pure air, pure water, proper exercise, a clear conscience. Those who persist in the use of tea, coffee, and flesh meats will feel the need of drugs, but many might recover without one grain of medicine if they would obey the laws of health. Drugs need seldom be used. 153 {CCh 105.4}

The counsel to us is to become familiar with our physiology and develop a true understanding of how our bodies function, in order to prevent disease. This is where modern medicine falls short as it seeks to stop or maintain current diseases, rather than prevent them. This is like medicating the leaves of a plant, when the cause lies at the root; very intensive, unecessary and often makes things worse.

 “A practical knowledge of the science of human life is necessary in order to glorify God in our bodies. It is therefore of the highest importance that among studies selected for childhood, physiology should occupy the first place.”–Health Reformer, in “Healthful Living,” p. 13.

As we look at the human whole, or zoom down to the cellular or chemical level, we will see the fingerprints of a God who loves us and has designed us in such a loving way. All our defense systems; giving us an immune system which we didn’t need until after the fall, yet in His love he covered us beforehand.

Cell Biology
Such complexity cannot spontaneously occur

All the molecular systems in our body work too perfectly to have evolved. Those familiar with the concepts of abiogenesis and irreducible complexity will see in the study of anatomy and physiology, the truth that these systems are too harmonious and inerrelated (critically rely on each other) to have evolved. Take the digestive system for example, which organ can function without the function of the other parts?


But will studying our living machinery, we will get to know and appreciate our creator much more. Our song will be that we were “Skillfully wrought..” Psalm 139:15 as we seek to glorify him in all the wonderful aspects of our being “And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. ” Deutoronomy 6:5.

Even at the molecular level, the creator left a stamp of authenticity. This video on ATP Synthase, one of the most critical enzymes in the body, left me awestruck at how much it looked like something designed by an intelligent engineer.

None of us go to a scrapyard and see a fully functioning engine and attribute it to pieces of metal randomly coming together. However, this is what we do with our creator. in something much more complicated and sensitive.

Michael J. Behe, a Biochemist, once had the view of evolution, but in this video, he explains why it is impossible for evolution to occur. It is also a chance to witness beautiful animations of what is happening all around without our noticing.


 “As in the study of physiology they see that they are indeed ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ they will be inspired with reverence. Instead of marring God’s handiwork, they will have an ambition to make all that is possible of themselves, in order to fulfil the Creator’s glorious plan.”– Ed., pp. 200, 201.

This is why we celebrate the Sabbath; to honour the creator who made us in six days.


  1. Morgan G, Ward R, Barton M. The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol) 2004;16(8):549-60.



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