ACE – coming to an end

It is nearly at its end. The long 3 months I was anticipating is in its final week. I thought I would have more time to write blog posts, but I was unable to. There are many things I thought I would have time for, but I seriously misjudged the amount of free time available. From assignments, to devotion, to other necessary obligations. I have learned alot, I have grown Spiritually, musically, intellectually. My concepts of sanctification, true education and what it means to be¬†a Christian have all changed further Heavenward. It was a blessed experience, which I will cherish, … Continue reading ACE – coming to an end


Informal Greeting: Greetings to whoever is reading this blogsite. I am new to blogging and this is my first ever blog post. It feels new, interesting and a bit daunting wondering what I will share. However, it is an exciting opportunity for me to share things which may be interesting and insightful. After a conversation with a friend called Daisy, I thought it would be a good experience to share about God’s love and any other information that may impact people’s lives positively, ofcourse these are both intertwined. As I have many things to share but I needed a platform, … Continue reading Greetings