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What is a PhD, anyway?

Having done a Master's Degree in Cancer Pharmacology, working in Project Management and in Research and Development in the diagnostics industry, I decided to return to academia, as that was an environment in which I flourished. To do this, I... Continue Reading →


Looking ahead

As I look forward to the impending start of my PhD course in September, there are mixed feelings. The negative emotions of moving away from close friends, moving away from the countryside, jumping into an unknown venture with unknown people,... Continue Reading →

Take a deep breath

Breathing is the most critical bodily function we can control. We can live for months without eating, days without drinking, but only seconds or minutes without breathing. "What keeps us alive is not as bright as the ruby throat of... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on medicine and physiology

I love science and health. Of late I have been brushing up on my understanding of the human body. Having studied pharmacology at university, I really understood why we are counselled to avoid the use of drugs. Medical drugs, rightly called,... Continue Reading →

ACE – coming to an end

It is nearly at its end. The long 3 months I was anticipating is in its final week. I thought I would have more time to write blog posts, but I was unable to. There are many things I thought... Continue Reading →

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