Thoughts on medicine and physiology

I love science and health. Of late I have been brushing up on my understanding of the human body. Having studied pharmacology at university, I really understood why we are counselled to avoid the use of drugs. Medical drugs, rightly called, are just as damaging, if not more, than illegal drugs. Chemotherapy is such an example, as we know its terrible effects, yet only has a 5-year cure rate of 2.1%, meaning only 2.1-2.3% of adults are alive after taking it (1). However, a commonly-used drug, paracetamol (tylenol USA, panadol Kenya), has an even worse therapeutic index than chemotherapy. Most chemotherapy … Continue reading Thoughts on medicine and physiology

ACE – coming to an end

It is nearly at its end. The long 3 months I was anticipating is in its final week. I thought I would have more time to write blog posts, but I was unable to. There are many things I thought I would have time for, but I seriously misjudged the amount of free time available. From assignments, to devotion, to other necessary obligations. I have learned alot, I have grown Spiritually, musically, intellectually. My concepts of sanctification, true education and what it means to be a Christian have all changed further Heavenward. It was a blessed experience, which I will cherish, … Continue reading ACE – coming to an end